But…your hair?

Fifty years is a long time. That’s how I began the FB post I wrote after Todd and I attended my West Holmes’ Class of 1969 reunion. In the post I reflected on an evening spent renewing connections with fellow classmates. The planning committee had thoughtfully made name tags bearing our Senior yearbook photo and name. These proved to be extremely helpful, for though we took turns proclaiming that one person or another “hadn’t changed a bit”, we all knew that was not exactly true. Certain people’s laughs and smiles were instantly recognizable, but we all realized that fifty years … Continue reading But…your hair?

C’est La Vie

September is a lovely time to get married. September can be a fickle month, often alternating between hot and humid and cool and autumnal. This past Saturday the morning dawned cool and a bit foggy. By late morning the fog had burned off, the sun appeared, and the temperature hovered in the mid-seventies. Saturday, September 7, 2019, my granddaughter, Mckinsey, got married. Somewhat shockingly to both of us, Todd and I are now officially old enough to have a married grandchild. Mckinsey was our first grandchild, and we always say that she taught us to be grandparents. I witnessed the … Continue reading C’est La Vie

What do you live for?

Toward the end of the novel I just finished, Clock Dance, by Anne Tyler, the character, Ben, poses this question to the main character, Willa. Though Willa doesn’t answer directly or immediately, I thought it was an excellent question, for everyone, not just that character. Therefore, I pose this question to my readers: What do you live for? I expect no answers, but I thought it a pertinent question to ponder on this lovely August afternoon. Continue reading What do you live for?


Frank Sinatra used to croon a song titled My Way. One of the memorable lines in the song is: ‘Regrets, I have a few, but then again, too few too mention.’ And I always think, yeah, that’s about right. Most people I know who are lucky enough to be part and parcel of the American middle class are pretty comfortable. We might change a thing or two about our lives, but I think for most of us there are only a few things we might do a different way, should we be given that chance. But every once in a … Continue reading Regrets??

Back to North Main Street

A couple of days ago I went back to my hometown to visit my cousin, who’s recovering from surgery. She and her husband live a few miles outside town. Afterward, I figured I’d drive around a bit, since I hadn’t done that for several years. So I took vegetables from my garden, a casserole, biscuits, homemade jam, and a few other items, and headed that way. Although there had only been a half inch of rain overnight, the creek at the edge of town was full and threatening to spill over its banks, like it often did when I lived … Continue reading Back to North Main Street


Milestones – we all have them. 16th, 18th, and 21st birthdays are memorable ones, followed far too quickly by celebrations for 30, 40, and so on. Anniversaries are big too. 1st, 10th, 25th… if you’re lucky they just keep coming. A milestone that nearly everyone looks forward to: retirement. When that day finally arrives, if you’ve acquired a comfortable stash of cash you likely have plenty of ideas how you intend to spend it. But if you’re like many new retirees without comfortable cash reserves, you realize that that you will need to budget to stay within the realms if … Continue reading Milestones


When I was a kid I slept like a rock. I played, or went to school and came home and played. By bedtime I was ready to go to sleep, even if I didn’t want to go to bed. And I slept, usually all night, with the exception of an occasional bad dream. When I was growing up, I remember how my grandmother often talked about the difficulty of sleeping. She often claimed “not to have slept a wink all night”. If my Mom or anyone else questioned her, she might say that she had slept “an hour at the most.” … Continue reading Sleep